During my live TikTok (every Wednesday at 8pm EST), I had the pleasure of meeting a great artist by the name of Misty Ring. During my broadcoast, I always tell my viewers to send me their work, and Misty did just that!

If you are a writer or artist of any sort, send me your work! I’d love to feature it here at TheVibeWithKy! Just email me your work, along with some background information about who you are and what the work is! [email protected].


So without further ado, here are a few selections from the very talented poet: Misty Ring.

Mistress Deception and Our Innocence


Down walks a woman with a child,
Along a short, but lonely road,
To the edge of destruction of all innocence.
The woman is one they call Mistress Deception,
With the looks of the sweetest of all mothers.
The child follows her willingly with his bare feet
Gently dragging against the rocky and hot ground,
Towards the fire. The child now beyond all help
As she stands him in front of the fire. At that same
Moment the child looks to her with the fire in his eyes.
Eventually the heat of the fire leads the child
To the temptation of the fire and destruction of innocence.
Can we ever save the innocence? Never. Not once.
Mistress Deception leads innocence to the fire.
Innocence only turns to Deception.
We all learn to just deceive those around us, even those we
Love. Without ever meaning to do it. Can’t we
Ever learn to control it? Not when we
Realize the ways we can deceive those around us.
It only remains, continuing in a perfect circle for Eternity.

My Angel


Where is my angel when I
Need her? I pray for her to
Come and she doesn’t. Has
She abandoned me? I hear her
Cry, but I can’t find her.
Is she hurt? My angel,
Please don’t cry. Why are
You chained? I will
Free you. What have they
Done? Come, my angel, you
Are free. Where are you
Going? I’m alone. Have you
Left me forever? I love you,
My sweet Angel of Revenge.

Protect Me (Version 1)


The irresistible Death calls out 
to me. He says I can be his queen 
if I go. He loves me. I walk to 
him and reach out for him as he 
holds his hands out for me. I 
crave my mortal death. As I 
give one hand to Death, you grab 
my other and whisper into my ear 
that you love and need me. Death 
also whispers into my ear sweet 
nothings. Protect me from what 
I desire or I will disappear 
from mortal existence forever. 
Only remaining as a memory 
in the minds of those who, at 
one time, knew me….

Protect Me (Version 2)


The irresistible Death whispers softly into
My ear such sweet poetry of true love.
He claims to love me unlike any other
Man would. He promises me everything
That I desire. His words sound so
Sweet and tempting. I begin to think
Of you, wishing you would have said
Those things to me. I promise to be
The best lover I can and he smiles.
I smile back as he gently grabs my
Hand while gazing at me so lovingly. He
Then begins to lead me towards his
Kingdom, soon to be mine as well. I
Stop as I feel another grab my
Hand. I turn to look and I see you.
You whisper all of your true feelings.
You confess that you have loved me
All along. My new lover glares to you
And I begin to cry as I hear these things.
I’d already promised myself to Death, only
Because I hadn’t known. Please, protect
Me from what I had once wanted, if you
Truly love me. I am slowly fading from the
Mortal world. I’ll only remain as a memory
In the hearts of those who had loved me once.