Two Steps to Building Self Confidence

Written by The Vibe With Ky Staff Writer – Jenny Bartkovich

With the media constantly showing us celebrities who have picture-perfect bodies, it can get a little hard to have confidence in yourself. But let’s face it, not all of us can afford the best personal trainer and or the ability to eat healthy 24/7. Learning to love yourself is a journey with ups and downs, but today I want to share with you two easy steps you can do to help build your self-confidence. 

Step 1: Trash Your Insecurities

Keeping things bottled up inside isn’t good for you and sometimes just writing it down, letting it out can make a world of a difference. When I was in college, my sorority had this ritual that we would do and the whole purpose was to help us forget about what we hated and focus on loving ourselves.

All you have to do is write down on a piece of paper something you feel insecure about. Write it down, crumble it and literally TRASH it. Throw it away, don’t let it weigh you down any longer.

Step 2: Embrace What You Love

Once you have trashed your insecurities, it’s time to shed some light on the things you love about yourself.

WARNING⚠️: No negative thinking is allowed during this exercise!

Set aside some time, a few minutes is all you need, and write down some characteristics that you like about yourself. The list doesn’t have to be long, aim for 5-10. Once you are done with your list, stand in front of the mirror and read that list back to yourself out loud.

You’re going to feel a little silly at first, but taking just a minute or two every day to do this can help you start your day with more confidence and teach you to identify what you love about yourself instead of picking out what you hate.

The journey to loving yourself and the skin you’re in isn’t easy but just like anything else, working at it slowly, bit by bit, can make the journey that much easier.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenny Bartkovich
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rider University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, along with minors in Event Planning and Dance, Jenny has what it takes deliver a fully developed creative, media masterpiece. As a current Social Media Strategist for 1SEO Digital Agency, Jenny has what it takes to up your marketing game.

Born and raised in Morrisville, PA, Jenny is just a short distance from Philadelphia, Princeton, New York City and is eager to make her mark in the world of marketing, event planning and communications.

In her spare time, Jenny can be found maintaining her fitness, trying new recipes she finds on TikTok, binge watching Friends, relaxing on the beach or playing with her three adorable kittens.