Would You Rather – Follow Your Heart Edition

Written by The Vibe With Ky Staff Writer – Jenny Bartkovich

No thinking, just answer these as fast as you can. 

Ready, Set, Go! 

Would you rather:

  1. Plan your dream vacation or stay at home?
  2. Go to your favorite restaurant or settle for the cheapest place to eat?
  3. Be excited to go to work or wish you had a more fulfilling job?

Let’s be honest, you probably answered all of those questions with the first option. By not taking the time to think, you listened to your heart and what you really wanted. If we can play this game honestly, why can’t we live our lives more honestly? Guess what, we can! 

Contrary to what many may think, following your heart doesn’t have to be complicated. So why don’t we follow our hearts more often? We think that following our hearts means that we’re being selfish, but it’s okay to be selfish! We are allowed to put ourselves first. We should be making decisions based on what we want, not what others want. Never being selfish means never being happy and who wants to live their life without feeling happy. Not me! 


When you truly listen to what you want and follow your heart, you end up feeling happier and more fulfilled. It may just make you happy in that moment but moments are what make up your life. So happier moments will ultimately add up to a happier life. Yes, not every situation is going to be as simple as deciding where to go out to eat on Saturday night, but why can’t it be? All we have to do is tune out what others wants and listen to what we want. 

Let’s start small. We don’t have to jump head first into making hard decisions. Plan that vacation, eat that dessert or keep searching for that perfect job. Start putting yourself first and following your heart. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenny Bartkovich
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rider University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, along with minors in Event Planning and Dance, Jenny has what it takes deliver a fully developed creative, media masterpiece. As a current Social Media Strategist for 1SEO Digital Agency, Jenny has what it takes to up your marketing game.

Born and raised in Morrisville, PA, Jenny is just a short distance from Philadelphia, Princeton, New York City and is eager to make her mark in the world of marketing, event planning and communications.

In her spare time, Jenny can be found maintaining her fitness, trying new recipes she finds on TikTok, binge watching Friends, relaxing on the beach or playing with her three adorable kittens.