3 Benefits to Speaking Up For Yourself

Written by The Vibe With Ky Staff Writer – Jenny Bartkovich

Speaking up for yourself isn’t always easy. Depending on who is around, where you are and what the current topic of conversation is, it can be hard to find the courage to speak your mind. Here are three reasons why you should be speaking up for yourself more often. 

It Can Make You More Confident

Nobody else knows what it’s like to be your unique self. You have your own, independent thoughts and opinions and they deserved to be shared. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of your thoughts, be proud of them. Over time, this will get easier and you’ll find yourself hesitating less and speaking up more whether it’s in the office or in your personal life. 

It Can Inspire Others to Speak Up 

Your thoughts can inform people and help them develop their own opinions. Maybe you can offer them a new perspective that they’ve never considered before. They might agree and speak up with you but even if they don’t, that’s okay. It only takes one person to start a chain reaction. 

It Helps Your Overall Mental Health

Keeping everything bottled up inside can cause tension and affect your overall mental health. It can impact other aspects of your life. The frustration you are trying to keep at bay can creep into your work, relationships, fitness and more. So when in doubt, let it out! 

Speaking up for yourself is scary, there is no doubt about it. It is also one of the most empowering acts you can do for yourself. It doesn’t require anyone or anything else, just you and your voice. Remember, you have the ability to speak, when others may not. Don’t let the gift of your voice go to waste. You can be the voice that others don’t have. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenny Bartkovich
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rider University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, along with minors in Event Planning and Dance, Jenny has what it takes deliver a fully developed creative, media masterpiece. As a current Social Media Strategist for 1SEO Digital Agency, Jenny has what it takes to up your marketing game.

Born and raised in Morrisville, PA, Jenny is just a short distance from Philadelphia, Princeton, New York City and is eager to make her mark in the world of marketing, event planning and communications.

In her spare time, Jenny can be found maintaining her fitness, trying new recipes she finds on TikTok, binge watching Friends, relaxing on the beach or playing with her three adorable kittens.