5 Tips for Understanding & Improving Your Self-Worth

“You are not your mistakes; they are what you did, not who you are.”

Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Let’s be real, self-worth is not the sexiest topic in the world. There are number of way sexier topics that we could be discussing today, but “self-worth” is something that is really important to your growth no matter where you are in life.

Let’s start off by defining what “self-worth” actually is. According to Dictionary.com, self-worth is defined as follows:

Self-worth [ self-wurth ] – Noun – The sense of one’s own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.

Self-worth is all about truly believing that YOU ARE WORTHY as a person. You’ll notice in the official definition that the words “self-esteem” and “self-esteem” are used to help define and give context, however, I think that self-worth is something much more basic. When you go through life feeling a minimal sense of self-worth, there is a much bigger piece of you missing.

Yes, self-worth and self-esteem are similar… but they are in fact different. Self-esteem is more like the branches of the tree, while basic self-worth is the tree trunk that holds it all together.

Here’s the scary part: Low self-worth can be seen from miles away. We don’t pay too much attention to it personally, but it is definitely something that others can notice. Let’s change that. Starting right now you and I are going to make it a point to give self-worth the love and attention it truly needs.

With that said, let’s review five ways you can improve your self-worth and grow as a person.

1 – Accept The Way You Feel

Don’t shy away from the way that you feel. Your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings… they do not define who you are as a person. These things rise and fall but they are fleeting sensations. They can be changed. Know that they can always be changed.

2 – Turns “Shoulds” into “Coulds”

“Should” is a judgemental word. Examine how you feel about certain topics and situations and determine whether you can turn those “should” intuitions into “could” intuitions. Think about what would happen if you did that for yourself. Does it open up your mind and body for improvement and growth? I think it might.

3 – Stop Depending on Other People to Give You a Sense of Worth

If you go through life always hoping that people will make you feel worthy, you will live a life full of disappointment. Yes, other people have a major affect on our life, but they are not what make or break us. Always remember the word “self” in self-worth. It all comes within. If you don’t personally feel you’re worthy, why should anyone else?

4 – Forgive Yourself

This is one that I personally struggle with every day, but it’s something that I’ve gotten better at. Look, you’re only human, mistakes are inevitable. Forgive yourself for them and move forward. It’s so easy for us to forgive other people, so now we need to do that for ourselves.

5 – Identify What You’re Really Good At

You have the opportunity to offer something very useful to this world. Whether you may realize it or not, you 100% have something to offer to someone or something. Find what that is and offer it. Intensify your passion for that thing and let it feed your self-worth.

It’s All About YOU

Let’s be real: Self-worth is up to YOU and no one else. The only way that you’ll feel worthy is if you say and truly believe that you are worthy. Look deep within yourself and trust that you are truly worthy.

Good Vibes,

About The Author: Kyrus Keenan Westcott is a Professional Optimist and Motivational Influencer based in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Since 2018, Kyrus has dedicated his life to spreading good vibes and positive energy, hoping that he could make as many people smile as possible. The Vibe With Ky