How Much Do You Value Yourself?

Written by The Vibe With Ky Staff Writer – Jenny Bartkovich

We tend to place too much emphasis on what other people think of us but that’s not how it should be. We shouldn’t care how others view us, but how we view ourselves. After all, it’s called SELF worth and while we can’t control what goes on with others, we can control what goes on within ourselves. 

So how we do learn to value ourselves? It’s all about how you treat yourself, mentally and physically. Below are a few, simple dos and don’ts that we can put into practice every day to help treat our minds and bodies with better self-worth. 


  • Set Unrealistic Acceptations: We have to realize that the people we see on the media do not live the same way we do. We can use them as inspiration but we should never aim to become them or feel disappointed with ourselves when we cannot do the same things they can do.
  • Settle: Keep working for what you want, don’t believe that you can’t reach your goals. If you have your heart set on a goal, don’t settle for anything less. 
  • Look to Others for Validation: Don’t let anyone define your self-worth. It’s not up to your significant other, friends or family members to say how you feel or how good you look, it’s only up to you! 


  • Keep Striving to Improve: When times get tough, get tougher! You’re going to struggle and that’s okay, in fact it’s normal. The important part is that you keep fighting and working towards what you want. 
  • Acknowledge Your Accomplishments: Celebrate the goals that you have reached. Whether they are big or small, every achievement deserves to be recognized. 
  • Remember What You Love About Yourself: Instead of always picking out your flaws, take time to identify your greatest assets. You are beautiful and strong!  Don’t be afraid to be proud of the characteristics that make you who you are. 

It can be hard to really treat our minds and bodies with as much value as they deserve. The good news is, we can change! By knowing what to do and what to avoid, we can all start treating ourselves better, and learn the true meaning of self-worth.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenny Bartkovich
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rider University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, along with minors in Event Planning and Dance, Jenny has what it takes deliver a fully developed creative, media masterpiece. As a current Social Media Strategist for 1SEO Digital Agency, Jenny has what it takes to up your marketing game.

Born and raised in Morrisville, PA, Jenny is just a short distance from Philadelphia, Princeton, New York City and is eager to make her mark in the world of marketing, event planning and communications.

In her spare time, Jenny can be found maintaining her fitness, trying new recipes she finds on TikTok, binge watching Friends, relaxing on the beach or playing with her three adorable kittens.