The Four C’s of Good Communication

Written by The Vibe With Ky Staff Writer – Jenny Bartkovich

Maybe it’s because Communications was my major in college, so I apologize if my inner nerd shines through, but I am so passionate about communication. Learning good communication skills can not only benefit your personal growth but can help you achieve success and happiness with others. Here are my four C’s to keep in mind when trying to become a better communicator. 


Be transparent and honest. Never assume that anyone knows your thoughts or intentions. Assuming instead of clearly communicating could result in you missing out on opportunities and you could end up pigeon-holing yourself into situations you never wanted. Instead, be clear about what you want. 


Just like they say, consistency is key! Having regular, fluid communication will help you build healthy relationships with your friends, family and co-workers. Avoiding communication can prolong solving existing problems and even create new ones. 


Never dance around your point because you are afraid of how the information will be perceived. Once you determine what you want, speak confidently. Be firm in your decision. Even if it may hurt them, it will help you! You will feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders because you said your truth. 


While it’s important to communicate, you always want to do so in an appropriate, kind manner. The last thing you want to happen is someone thinking less of you because you lashed out. Make sure you have time to compose yourself and can maintain a gracious manner when communicating with others. 

It can be scary to communicate how you are feeling but in the long run, there are only positive results. Whether it’s making a presentation at work or trying to express your feelings to a significant other, open and honest communication is key! Remember these four easy C’s and you’ll find yourself becoming a better communicator. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenny Bartkovich
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rider University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, along with minors in Event Planning and Dance, Jenny has what it takes deliver a fully developed creative, media masterpiece. As a current Social Media Strategist for 1SEO Digital Agency, Jenny has what it takes to up your marketing game.

Born and raised in Morrisville, PA, Jenny is just a short distance from Philadelphia, Princeton, New York City and is eager to make her mark in the world of marketing, event planning and communications.

In her spare time, Jenny can be found maintaining her fitness, trying new recipes she finds on TikTok, binge watching Friends, relaxing on the beach or playing with her three adorable kittens.