Ky’s 5: Building Trust in a Relationship

I think we can all agree that trust/honest is one of the most important parts of any relationship, especially one that is romantic. There is something about losing trust in a partner that tears us apart on the inside. We all hate that feeling and we all try to avoid, but we can all think of a scenario or two when that trust has been lost

So how can we build that trust? In today’s Ky’s 5, we’re going to explore 5 tips and practices that you and your significant other can follow to not only build trust, but maintain it as well.

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1 – Build Effective Communication

A lot of people talk about how important communication is within a relationship, but seldom do they say why it’s important. If you’re not communicating with your significant other, you’re not sharing an important part of yourself, and that’s not good. Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself prevents your relationship from evolving and improving. This is important if you’re looking to spend your life with this person.

2 – There Are No Such Things As Secrets

Secrets always find their way to the surface. Think about whether you really want to play that game and risk the trust within your relationship. There is a difference between “privacy” and “secrecy”. It’s vital that the both of you establish that difference and respect the expectations of the other person… otherwise trust will be broken.

3 – Don’t Cheat

If you’re thinking about cheating – think again. This is pretty cliche, but it’s quite inconsiderate and there is no excuse for it – emotionally or physically. If you cheat on your partner, you’ll experience guilt, regret, damaged integrity, a diminished self-image, and the potential to spread both negative mental health ideologies AND physical diseases.

Just don’t do it.

4 – Understand Boundaries

Understand the boundaries that you both set for each other – both mentally and physically. Maybe it’s what you’re comfortable with in the bedroom, or perhaps it’s how much alone time you’d like, etc. Set these boundaries for each other and respect what your partner requests. (Setting boundaries is not a bad thing!)

5 – Don’t Break Promises

A broken promise in a relationship is DEVASTATING. Interdependency is very important when it comes to trust building. If you can’t depend on your partner to keep their promise, their dependency decreases and that severely affects the relationship.

Bonus – Take Responsibility for Your Actions

When you make excuses or try to blame your partner for your actions, you are demonstrating a character trait that is toxic to the growth of a relationship. By taking responsibility for all of your actions within your relationship, you are demonstrating the strength of your character, the acceptance of the potential consequences, and the willingness to learn and grow.

Overall, be honest with yourself and your partner. Do this and your relationship will improve in every way imaginable.