Ky’s 5: Fighting Loneliness

First and foremost, we need to acknowledge that feeling lonely is quite normal. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to fight that feeling and reconnect with the world around you, even while in quarantine. Here are Ky’ 4 tips to fighting loneliness.

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NOTE: In severe cases of loneliness, always seek the help of a professional.

1 – Loneliness is a Feeling… Not a Fact

Feelings change. Facts don’t. You have the power to change your feelings, especially when it comes to the feeling of loneliness. Remind yourself of this and use it as a jumping off point to the next step of combatting this.

2 – Take Small Steps to Re-Engage with the World Around You

You don’t need to hit a homerun on the first swing. If you’re feeling lonely, take small steps to get yourself back to where you want to go. Plan a social distance meet-up with a friend, text someone you haven’t talked to in a while… whatever it may be, it’s really important for you to keep moving forward in any way you can. Take those small steps and you’ll find yourself on the right path.

3 – Make a Virtual Date with a Friend or Loved One

Between Zoom and FaceTime and all of the other technologies we’ve perfected during this pandemic, it’s easier than ever to connect with a friend or a loved one. So do it! I personally try to spend a minimum of 10-15 minutes chatting with someone that I know uplifts my spirits and reminds me that I am definitely not alone in this world.

4 – Reach Out to Other People Who Are Feeling Lonely

I promise you this: you are not the only person feeling lonely right now. In fact, you may know someone who is as well. Reach out to them, connect with them, open up with them about your feelings, and listen to theirs. Knowing that someone else understands exactly how you feel because they are feeling it too… there’s no better feeling.

5 – Seek Professional Help

Sometimes blog posts like this are not quite enough for what you need, and that’s okay! If you’re feeling lonely, you can always reach out to your health care professional to see what tools and resources are at your disposal. Telemed services are available so you do not even have to leave your home to get the help and guidance that you need. There is no shame in seeking the help of a professional.