Light A Fire In Your Life: Ky’s 5 Tips to Getting Motivated Today

It is very hard to stay motivated ALL the time, isn’t? There are some days in my life when I so distracted by the bullshit that I forget what I need to focus on and why I want to succeed in life. When that happens, I literally say to myself, “What can I do to light a fire and start back up again?”

Even the most motivated people in the world struggle with this, so if you’re feeling this way too, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re struggling to find the energy or the fire to really get things done, here are Ky’s 5 Tips to Getting Motivated Today!

1 – Remind Yourself What You’re Working Towards

I literally write down my goals, and you should too. By writing down my goals, I am helping myself envision where I want to be in the future and what I want to accomplish.

By doing this, and keeping the list of goals handy and in plain sight, I am reminding myself of the clarity that I seek. If you’re anything like me, your work will improve when you know exactly what you’re working for.

2 – Find Inspiration In Others

Sometimes just looking at what other people are doing is enough motivation for me. I easily get envious when people are doing the things that I want to do. When I see other people succeed, the first question I ask is, “Okay, what did they do to get there and how can I use that as inspiration for my life and goals?”

Read their stories. Understanding their life and work ethic. Your life and circumstances may be completely different, but viewing this can give you that extra spark you need to make that success YOUR success.

3 – Have People Hold You Accountable

Can someone else really hold you accountable? YES! Can it be uncomfortable at times? FOR SURE! Is it worth it? WITHOUT A DOUBT!

Having someone hold you accountable can be a huge motivational push for you. Why not have someone help push you when you need that extra nudge?

4 – Think About The Benefits, Not The Difficulties

One of my biggest problems is that I focus on the issues when it comes to my goals. “This is why I can’t do this” or “This is why I shouldn’t do this.”

Of course, those are logical questions to ask, but don’t let it shadow the most important question: “What are the benefits of this?” Look, whatever your goal is, the path may be difficult, but once you reach the destination, you’ll be proud of the journey.

5 – Reward Yourself!

Sometimes we are so focused on the long-term goal that we fail to acknowledge the short-term goals we meet along the way. As you’re prepping your plan to achieve your goal, give yourself something to get excited about along the way!

By setting these short-term goals, you’re giving yourself a small tasks that you can reward yourself with, which means that you have something to look forward to every step of the way… in other words, you get a renewed motivation more often!

In Conclusion…

Staying motivated is really, really hard! But you got this! Motivation will always start with the fire within your belly. Light that fire and shoot for the stars!

God Bless & Good Vibes!