The Vibe Supports Small Businesses & Non-Profits

I am looking to highlight the small businesses and non-profit organizations of VBRz like you DAILY on my Instagram Story.

You know me, I love small businesses and non-profit organizations, and I love the positive impact they have in our communities and throughout the world.

What I’m Highlighting

Since I believe in shopping small whenever a person can, I am looking to highlight some businesses and companies that are adding value in their communities by:

  • Creating beautiful crafts.
  • Feeding us all things delicious.
  • Fulfilling professional or personal needs.
  • Providing a service.
  • Helping those in need.
  • Building up the local economy.

(Or maybe you’re doing more than one of the things above!)

Whether you’re meeting a need (or a want), adding beauty to the world or lending a helping hand, you’re an important part of the community. Whatever you do or however you serve, I’m glad you’re around, and I want to help you thrive!

What I’ll Help You With

Every day I will be highlighting a small business or non-profit on my Instagram Story, which receives thousands upon thousands of eyeballs every day! Hopefully some people from around the world, or within your community that also follow me, will be able to support your business/non-profit.

Tell Me About You!

Are you interested in submitting your business/non-profit?! Please click the link below and tell me all about you and your business/organization! Due to high volume of submissions, I cannot guarantee every business/non-profit will be selected, but I will let you know if you are!