A Positive Monday So Far (11/28/2022)

Hello VBRz! Happy Monday!

Today is a very “Monday” Monday if that makes sense. 😂 Work has been incredibly overwhelming, and I honestly dreaded opening up my inbox this morning.

Admittedly, I went into work with a negative attitude today, which I try it to do. But thankfully, it didn’t last long. My team did an excellent job of making my morning a good morning, and my inbox wasn’t too bad!

It really got me thinking why I went in so negative. I know that I’m good at my job, I know that my teams kicks butt every day, I know that I come in every day and work hard… there is no reason for me to walk in those doors with a negative mindset. What good does that do me or my team? None.

I sit here on my lunch break, eating some bland pizza, but feeling good about how the rest of the day is going to go. 💙

Much Love. Good Vibes. -Ky