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Meet Kyrus Keenan Westcott, the Mental Health Advocate and Neurospicy Humorist who is revolutionizing how we talk about mental health. Through his platform The Vibe With Ky — with over a million followers on social media! – he’s smashing stigmas surrounding mental illness by getting people to open up an honest dialogue. It comes as no surprise that this inspirational powerhouse has quickly become one of today’s leading voices for positive change in our communities around the world.

Ky understands the struggles and joys of every day life, amplifying voices that need to be heard while helping people feel validated with his relatable mental wellness content. His podcast, blog, and social pages are constantly abuzz with powerful advice and insight from esteemed professionals like Wit & Reason Mental Health & Consultation Services, Healthy Minds & More Counseling Services, Boredwalk, and Somethings – all of whom are true game changers in modern human understanding!

Ky is a humbled creator who embraces life to the fullest. By day, he’s working hard in digital marketing as Executive Director of Paid Media at 1SEO Digital Marketing and by night (and even during lunch time) he brings his message – along with 1 million followers – out into the world via social media channels racking up millions of monthly impressions/views across all platforms. His “The Vibe With Ky Podcast” is stirring conversations worldwide; plus, keep an eye open for his debut book hitting shelves soon! And if that wasn’t enough already, then be sure not to miss him drop knowledge bombs from stages around the country where he has become one sought-after public speaker.



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