Ky’s 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Introverts

One-third to one-half of the United States population are introverts. And guess what? I’m one of them! You might be too, or at least, you might know someone who is. Either way, if there is one thing all of us introverts can agree on, it’s the fact that we are quite often misunderstood. So let’s talk about it!

Here is my list of 5 things you probably didn’t know about introverts like me!

5 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Introverts The Vibe With Ky Podcast

1 – We Prefer To Skip The Small Talk

Small talk makes a lot of introverts uncomfortable. Most of the time, we prefer to talk only when we have to. So let’s skip the small talk and dive deeper into whatever we’re supposed to be talking about.

I find that extroverts tend to be the complete opposite sometimes. They have this natural ability to start a discussion off with small talk. Meanwhile I’m sitting there looking on like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Typically that is partnered with my screaming silently in my brain.

2 – Less Is More

There are many different types of introverts out there, but generally speaking, many of us prefer a more simplistic lifestyle. We don’t mind hanging out with friends, going out shopping, going to a concert or show every now and then, but more likely than not, we are really good at staying entertained in our brains.

A lot of us tend to gravitate toward quieter areas, or solo adventures, etc. Just typing that makes my heart warm. I love thinking about solo time at home with my cats and Netflix and some junk food I probably shouldn’t be eating.

3 – We Can Focus for a Longer Period of Time

Yes, this one may go without saying, but I think people sometimes underestimate just how good we are at it sometimes. There are times when we introverts will be so focused on a project, that we’ll only step away from it to get something to eat, or to use the restroom. I’m literally doing that right now as I type this out.

With that said, I’m sure the hyperfocus caused by my ADHD doesn’t help… but hey… I do my best to manage!

4 – Unexpected Visitors are a BIG No-No

It’s cringey even thinking about this right now. An unexpected visitor is one of our worst nightmares. Give us a heads up so we can have everything mapped out and planned, please! We put a lot of work into our day and our schedule, and we do our absolute best to stick to it.

This also goes for unexpected phone calls. Don’t do it. Text us first so we can mentally prepare to “people”.

5 – There Are Actually Four Types of Introverts

In this blog you’ve heard me constantly say that there are many types of introverts out there. So let’s talk about them! Here are four popular introvert types:

  • Social Introverts
    • Social Introverts would rather not put themselves in a social situation unless they absolutely have to. If we do, you’ll find us most likely in smaller groups. It doesn’t mean that they are shy, per se, it is just a preference they have.
  • Thinking Introverts
    • Thinking Introverts are simply people who do a lot of self-reflection. They process internally and they often find themselves traveling around the creativity space in their brain.
  • Anxious Introverts
    • Anxious Introverts are people who quite often feel self-conscious when they are in social situations. They just don’t have the confidence to be a “good socializer” while amongst groups of people. They also often think about this when they are alone too. The pure thought of being amongst a group people makes their anxiety skyrocket.
  • Restrained Introverts
    • Restrained Introverts are quite simply people who think everything through before they take action or say something out loud. Everything is thought out and planned before the action takes place.

Being An Introvert is Awesome!

I love that I am an introvert. It’s not a disorder. It’s not a disability. It’s just who we are, and we’re damn proud of it! Yes, we may be awkward in social situations sometimes, but we definitely know how to live a fulfilling life. So we’re going to continue loving ourselves and being happy with who we are as individuals.

Much love. Good Vibes.

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