Small Business Highlight: Judy Hu Boundary Coach

Small businesses and non-profit organizations are the backbone to the world we live in today, which is why I want to use my platform to highlight the small businesses of VBRZ around the world!

This week, we’re highlighting Judy Hu Boundary Coach.

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Business Information

Where Is This Small Business Based Out Of?

Cambridge, MA, USA

Who Can Utilize Services from This Business?

Anyone in the United States

About This Small Business

Judy Hu: I sell individual, couples and group Boundary Coaching. My hope is to help marginalized communities replace toxic programming from childhood and society, so we can break the cycle of oppression.

There are not enough mental health clinicians who understand the impact of intergenerational oppression. AND, it’s been difficult to get people to understand what I am really “selling”. If I frame it as treating anxiety and depression, I would be feeding into the concept that “there is something wrong with you.” Whereas what I really am doing is teaching folx “You are not defective. There is nothing wrong with you.” And then teach the actual skills to heal and stop the cycle.

How To Support This Small Business

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