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Air National Guard man and jet

Flying High or Just Surviving? The Future of Mental Health in the Air National Guard

Explore the implications of the Air National Guard’s proposal to cut enlisted mental health specialists. This blog examines the current state of mental health in the Guard, dissects the proposal, and highlights potential consequences and opportunities. Join me as I navigate this high-stakes issue in our nation’s defense sector.

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Professional baseball batter striking baseball during night game in stadium

Swinging at the Curveballs of Life: A Closer Look at Mental Health in MLB

Explore the world of MLB and the mental health challenges faced by players. In this enlightening piece, I delve into why mental health is an integral part of an athlete’s performance, what steps MLB is taking to tackle this issue, and how you can help. Let’s break the stigma together!

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2023 Hollywood Writer's Strike Picket Line

PODCAST: The Hollywood Writer’s Strike of 2023: A Struggle for Creativity, Fairness, and Mental Health

Explore the Hollywood Writer’s Strike of 2023 as we delve into the underlying issues, its connection to mental health, and the profound impact it has on the industry. Humor, seriousness, and a whole lot of support for the writers are at the core of this discussion.

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