PODCAST: “Talking with Beast Mode Barbie, Olivia McBride” – Season 3, Episode 4

Today I sit down with Beast Mode Barbie, Olivia McBride!

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Today’s guest is Beast Mode Barbie herself, Olivia McBride! Army Veteran, national physique competitor, TikTok star… and most importantly, my friend.

Join us as we chat about the lessons she’s learned as an Army Veteran, her rise in TikTok popularity, and her life as a up-and-coming national physique competitor!

Follow Olivia on TikTok at @beastmodebarbie and on Instagram @beast_mode_barbie08

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About The Vibe With Ky: Kyrus Keenan Westcott has gone full-throttle with his Good Vibes mantra and passion, creating this unique blog in the hopes that he can spread positive energy to as many people as possible. The Vibe With Ky, along with his upcoming books, video series, and podcast, Kyrus does everything he can to make sure people around the world feel good internally, and do good externally.


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