Exclusive VBRz Blog: 3 Calming Reminders for Those Who Feel Like They’re Failing

Before you throw in the towel and put yourself down, here are three important reminders:

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Life is hard. Like really, really hard. Navigating your way through this world can be stressful and trying so hard to make the best out of your situation is simply exhausting. Before you throw in the towel and put yourself down, here are three important reminders:

1 – You’re Only Human

It is 100% okay to feel the way that you feel. You’re allowed to feel anger, pain, sorrow, fear, angst, hurt, etc. The key is knowing what you’ve learned from those feelings and how you are going to grow from them.

Remember: There are going to be days that you make mistakes, days where you’ll question your decisions and your abilities. There are going to be days when you feel like you can burst out into tears at any second because you just simply don’t know how you can possibly press on. Those days will happen. And you do press on. And you keep fighting and you remind yourself that you are only human, and that you will come out stronger.

2 – You Deserve More Credit Than You Realize

I promise that you’re doing a lot better than you may realize, my friend. Before you can ask for other people to give you credit, you need to give yourself credit first.

One thing that I do is right before bed, I’ll write down 3 things that I accomplished that day and 3 things I am looking to accomplish the next day.

Focusing on your accomplishments can do wonders for you in the long run, reminding you that you are pushing forward and marching toward your goals and ambitions.

3 – You’re Focusing on the Negative, Shift to the Positive

It’s so easy to spend our time focusing on the bad shit we have to deal with on a daily basis. We need to take a moment and make sure we shift our focus from the negative aspects to the positive aspects. It’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s 100% worth it.

The hardest part about re-focusing from the negative to the positive is the outside forces trying to keep you in the negative. Sometimes it’s our friends, or our co-workers, or family members that live in that negative space. Not only do they live there, they THRIVE there and they want to bring you along for the ride.

Don’t let them. You have a lot to be proud of and there is a lot of good happening.

Life is weird and difficult and frustrating… but it can also be beautiful, fulfilling, and nurturing. It’s all about your perspective.

In the end, you need to give yourself some credit! I know there are moments when you feel like everything is going wrong and there is no hope, but I promise that if you keep pushing, stay kind, focus on the positive, and grow/learn… you’ll be more than fine.