“Navigating Toxic Narcissistic Relationships” – An Interview with TikTok’s @RollerCoasterOfLove

"Navigating Toxic Narcissistic Relationships" – An Interview with TikTok's @RollerCoasterOfLove The Vibe With Ky Podcast

Join Ky as he interviews Ro, aka @RollerCoasterOfLove on TikTok, about how she survived her ex’s narcissistic abuse and how she’s helping others survive as well.

To learn more about Ro and how she can help you or someone you love, visit: https://linktr.ee/rollercoasteroflove

About Ro
Ro was in an abusive relationship for 14 years. She now spends her days sharing her healing journey and talking about how the trauma bond she had with her abuser kept her on a roller coaster for a long time.

With over 127 thousand followers on TikTok, Ro is a Certified Life Coach and is currently in a diploma program for Human and Community Support Services, and is professionally trained to coach and help people recover from their traumatic or challenging events. She offers a safe space for you to share, ask advice, or just reflect on the unhealthy dynamics you experience. She is constantly reminding people all over the world – You are not alone.