3 Tips for Celebrating St Patrick’s Day While Mindfully Supporting Your Mental Health

St Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday full of merriment and good cheer. It’s an opportunity to celebrate being Irish, even if you’re not a part of the culture yourself. However, this year celebrations will be different as we strive to take care of ourselves, our friends and family, and our communities. By using mindful tips for self-care, we can still enjoy celebrating St Patrick’s Day in all its glory – while keeping our mental health top of mind.

1 – Put Together Your Ideal Celebration

Make sure everyone involved has their needs taken into consideration before organizing anything. If your friends are more comfortable with small gatherings outdoors or virtual hangouts instead of large parties indoors, make the necessary adjustments. Outdoor activities like watching a movie on a projector screen, having a picnic in the park or playing outdoor games are some great alternatives that can still be enjoyable experiences. Don’t feel pressured to try to recreate what you would have done in previous years — plan something that fits your current needs and interests best!

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2 – Take Small Breaks Throughout the Day

As much fun as celebrating on St Patrick’s Day can be, it can also take a toll on your energy levels after long hours spent preparing decorations and activities or simply spending time around people. Practice giving yourself short (but satisfying) breaks throughout the day: listen to music that makes you happy, get up and stretch out your muscles every few hours, drink plenty of water etc.. Taking these mini pauses will help you keep your energy levels up so that you can continue having fun during the rest of the day without getting overwhelmed by exhaustion afterwards.

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

3 – Look After Yourself During & Afterwards

It is important to remind yourself that looking after your mental health should always come first no matter what situation you might be in — including festivities like St Paddy’s Day! Set clear boundaries beforehand if needed (for example letting people know if there are topics or conversations you don’t want to discuss) so that any negative feelings arising from difficult conversations or uncomfortable moments can be avoided at all costs – this way ensuring an enjoyable event rather than draining one!

Lastly, don’t forget about rest days after the celebrations end: plan some relaxing activities just for yourself especially if going through tough times like grieving someone special who used to join in yearly festivities but they’re no longer around. Allowing yourself time to breathe afterwards will ensure complete healing from any emotional wounds left by missing them during St Paddy’s this year!

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