Top Eleven 11 O’Clock Numbers from Our Favorite Musicals

So you’re watching a musical and you’re toward the end, but there is still no resolution to the main conflict of the show. All of a sudden, this gigantic, beautiful song comes out of nowhere serving as an vital turning point or epiphany for the main character, leading toward the resolution the story has been leaning toward.

That song… is called an “11 O’Clock Number”. It’s not the final song of the show, but it’s the song that drives home the main journey of the story.

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Why Is It Called An “11 O’Clock Number”?

Back in the day, all musicals started at 8:30pm. (Could you imagine starting a show at 8:30pm nowadays? My old brain is already sleeping thinking about it.) And because the show would start at 8:30pm, by the time the big, climactic song came around, it was 11:00pm.

My Top Eleven Favorite “11 O’Clock Numbers”

So in honor of the return of Broadway this fall, I want to share with you my top 10 favorite 11 O’Clock Numbers! Before we get started, here are some honorable mentions:

Here are my personal top 11!

11 – “What I Did For Love” (A Chorus Line)

10 – “I Believe” (The Book of Mormon)

9 – “Revolting Children” (Matilda)

8 – “I Know Where I’ve Been” (Hairspray)

7 – “Memory” (Cats)

6 – “She Used To Be Mine” (Waitress)

5 – “Home” (The Wiz)

4 – “Back to Before” & “Make Them Hear You” (Ragtime)

3 – “Last Midnight” & “No One Is Alone” (Into The Woods)

2 – “Rose’s Turn” (Gypsy) 

1 -”I’m Here” (The Color Purple)

What are your favorites?! Let me know in the comments and share this with your friends to see what they think!

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