It’s Time For You To Be Better Than Average (5 Tips!)

Are you ready to stand out from the rest? Want to be better than average? You’re not alone! Let’s talk about it!

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If you’re anything like me, you are not a big fan of being an average joe. You want to do more and be more. Trust me, I get it. If you’re tired of settling for par, here are 5 tips to help you stand out above the rest.

1 – Think Outside The Box

This is as cliche as it gets, but it’s so true. If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to find ways to think differently than everyone else. People that average obsess over finding a way to fit in. From now on, I challenge you to find a way to play your own tune, within reason of course.

2 – Go A Little Crazy

I think the people at my job think I am certifiably insane. Why? Probably because I am! I make it a point to shake things up a little bit, especially when I feel like the team is getting a little mundane. There’s nothing wrong with being a disruptor every now and then, especially if it makes people smile or increases productivity.

The key here is to not be predictable. No story of success came from predictability, it came from people disrupting the process and standing out from the rest. You can definitely do the same!

3 – Be Hopeful When Others Aren’t

Negativity runs a lot of people’s lives. Don’t let it run yours. You may find yourself in a situation at work, or at home, or among your friends when there seems to be nothing but hopelessness. If you find a way to stay optimistic and promote hope… you’ll stand out from the rest.

4 – Don’t Tear Down… Build Up

If we spend one week together, you and I would easily be able to find 1 million things wrong with each other. Honestly, nobody is perfect. But what is the point of tearing down other people? That is something average people do… but you don’t want to be average anymore. Find ways to build up the people around you… not tear them down.

5 – For Goodness Sake, BE YOURSELF

Average people spend a lot of time pretending to be someone that they’re not. Embrace your individuality. Flaunt the things that make you “different”. Express the things that truly make you happy. As people learn how genuine you are… they’ll respect you and your individual mindset even more.

Look, we only have one chance on this earth, so why not use this time to stand out and live it up! If you’re tired of being average, you can easily make the choice not to be. Go for it, be kind, be dedicated, and live your best life! I look forward to hearing about how much you acheive!

Good Vibes 🙂

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