5 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now to Be Happy

Over the past couple months, I’ve started to realize that I stopped paying attention to the things that bring my mind peace. For some reason, I was always spending a majority of my time hurting the mental peace I was looking for.

It was at that point that my anxiety would kick into high gear. It would be me, my two kittens, and a load of thoughts and fears creeping into my brain. I would overthink the smallest things from my past, I was starting to doubt myself and my character, and I wasn’t addressing my insecurities.

I knew all of this was happening, but I didn’t stop. Why? Because I was so used to it. As mentally painful as it was, it gave me a weird (unhealthy) comfort. A false comfort because I knew that it was comfort that highlighted my fear of change in my life.

I decided that I wanted to change my path. I wanted to stop living this unhealthy mental life that was robbing me of my joy and my peace. So I decided to stop doing the five things below, and let me tell you, it changed my life.

5 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now to Be Happy The Vibe With Ky Podcast

1 – Stop Overworking Yourself

This is one that I’m still very much working on because I take my career as a digital marketer and an influencer very easily. I have stopped spending my nights and my weekends working on things that I should save for my office hours. Now, I set a time to stop working every day, and unless it’s an emergency, I don’t revisit it until my work day begins again.

2 – Stop Overthinking

This one is easier said than done, isn’t it? Of course none of us WANT to overthink, and we do our best to not do that. So let me add in some extra incentive:

Sit back and think about all the time and energy you could be saving by not overthinking. I’m talking about things like:

  • Thinking hard about situations that haven’t actually happened.
  • Reading too much into a person or an exchange.
  • Basing your decisions off of feelings instead of basing it off of factual information.

I know this one is hard to do. I’m diagnosed with High-Functioning Anxiety, trust me, I totally get it. But let’s try our best, shall we?!

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3 – Stop Trying To Please Everybody

I’m a people-pleaser, so this one is definitely tough for me. I often have to remind myself that it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE to please every person out there. I used to think I could, but it was starting to tear me apart. I felt like a failure every single day, and I hated that feeling.

Now, instead of trying to please everyone, I focus mainly on being kind, being respectful, and being a good example for the people around me. I definitely don’t get it right every time, but I try my hardest.

4 – Stop Proving Your Worth To Others

Oh this is a BIG one. I began to understand recently that the more that I spent proving my worth to other people, the more I wasn’t convinced of my worth to myself. I needed to start focusing my energy on giving myself the same energy I gave people to show my worth.

Seriously, this’ll sound cliché, but it’s true – If you’re looking to live a happier life, it starts with yourself, not other people.

5 – Stop Living In The Past

The best part of life and growth is learning from your failures. Your failures are in your past, and it’s good to revisit and learn from them… but you cannot live there.

When thinking about events and behaviors in the past, if it’s not conversation that you can have with yourself that’ll help you move your life forward, then you don’t need to think about it at all.

You do not need to define yourself by your past. You can define yourself by your present.

Ready To Stop?!

There you go – 5 things that I stopped doing. Hopefully these are things that you can apply to your life as well! Start by picking one or two items off this list and give them a shot. Look at the results and add more challenges as you feel comfortable. You can do this!

Now stop reading this blog and get your life going!

Much Love. Good Vibes.