The Blood of a King – A Brand New Epic Fantasy Novel!

Are you into epic fantasy novels such as Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, and Game of Thrones? If so, I have the next big thing in fantasy novels! I had the pleasure sit down with authors Jonathan Wells and Dennis Bruzzi, who are set and ready to share their debut novel in the 9-part: The Blood of a King: Book One of the Rahmirion Chronicles.

The Blood of a King – A Brand New Epic Fantasy Novel! The Vibe With Ky Podcast

About The Book

Victory was only the beginning.

Prince Mayson Karrok of Astymere grew up hearing countless stories from the night of his birth – whispers of murder and betrayal, of war and destruction, all at the hands of an emperor who wanted him dead before he could take his first breath. A night intended to peacefully conclude the Endless War would instead become known around the world as the Night of Knives. The scar Mayson bears on his chest is a reminder of how lucky he is to be alive.

But over a decade after his father, King Henry, killed that emperor and destroyed his empire, the young prince finds himself torn, fueled by desire to both follow in his father’s footsteps and break free from his shadow to forge his own path.

Unbeknownst to him, King Henry set in motion a chain of events that would come to rule his only son’s destiny. When Mayson is forced to choose between love and duty, will he have the courage to do what is right? The prince will need all the strength and support he can muster as enemies begin to surround him from both outside Astymere – and from within.

How This Came To Be

For as long as Jon and Dennis can remember, they both have been making up stories. Some have ended up scribbled on pieces of printer paper, while others were left to just rattle around in our heads – and that is exactly how this novel came to be.

The seeds for this epic fantasy were first planted in Jon’s 12-year old brain as a day-dream, a place where he would wander off to when he should have been paying more attention in class. After 10 years, this daydream took on such a clear shape, with a linear plot and fully-fleshed out characters, that he thought it was time to take a crack at giving it a proper “birth,” so to speak, so the whole world could see it in all its glory.

He reached out to his friend, artist Dan Pellicano, and described one of our main protagonists to him. About a week later, he sent back a sketch that took Jon by the throat and never let go. He then sent this idea and the sketch to his dear friend and former college roommate, Dennis Bruzzi. Dennis’ first words were: “I want to work on this with you.” And the rest is history.

After pen went to paper on Book One, they began the lengthy process of editing, and with the help of editor Carol Gaskin, and artists, Mert Genccinar (locations, cover), Dan Pellicano (characters), and Edwin Menzo (map), they are proud to bring to life our polished, complete piece of work. Eight years since first breaking ground, Dennis and ask for you to join us in this new world, riddled with betrayal, bloodlust, and revenge.

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