Discover The LeShae Collection — A Small Business Making a Big Difference

The Vibe With Ky: Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy worldwide. They bring innovation, diversity, and creativity to our communities while creating job opportunities for many. However, with the recent global events, small businesses face unprecedented challenges. Many small businesses have closed their doors due to the pandemic and the economic downturn that followed. At The Vibe with Ky, we are committed to supporting small businesses in any way we can. We understand the critical role small businesses play in our communities, and we believe that by supporting small businesses, we can help rebuild and strengthen our local and global economy.

Today, we highlight a wonderful small business based out of Los Angeles: The LeShae Collection

About The LeShae Collection

About the Business

I am super excited to feature a talented small business owner who is making a difference with their distinctive products. At The LeShae Collection, Latrice Washington creates fairy-themed tote bags and zippered pouches, along with unique decorative pillow shams. Their creations are both functional and fashionable, and send an important message about the importance of sustainability.

Promoting Sustainability

The LeShae Collection believes that their products can help make a significant difference in the fight to reduce plastic use and promote sustainability. By using reusable shopping totes like the ones they create, people can help reduce the reliance on plastic and one-use packaging. The unique fairy-themed designs make the totes and pouches a trendy and fashionable alternative to plastic.

At The Vibe with Ky, I admire the commitment to the environment and the innovative design concepts that The LeShae Collection embodies. I believe in the importance of promoting sustainability, and I’m are thrilled to showcase this talented entrepreneur: Latrice Washington!

Supporting The LeShae Collection

I believe in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, like Latrice, the mastermind behind The Lashae Collection. This small business creates stylish and unique fashion accessories, such as jewelry and hairpieces, that are perfect for spicing up any outfit. It’s important to support small businesses like The Lashae Collection as they bring diversity, innovation, and creativity to the fashion industry.

By visiting their website at, you can help support this small business and help them continue to thrive. Every purchase makes a difference and contributes to the growth of the business. So, let’s support small businesses like The Lashae Collection and help make a positive impact in our communities.

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