Laughing Through Life: The Comedy-Mental Health Connection with Alfie Noakes

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In this uplifting and eye-opening episode of The Vibe With Ky Podcast, host Ky welcomes Alfie Noakes, a seasoned comedian, promoter, and comedy coach who’s been a staple on the London comedy scene for over a decade.

Together, they explore the intricate relationship between comedy and mental health, diving into the bravery it takes to hit the stage, the power of laughter as therapy, and the underexplored topic of neurodiversity in the comedy community.

Whether you’re a comedian, a fan of stand-up, or someone interested in the mental health conversation, this episode is a heartfelt journey through the transformative power of humor.

Tune in and get ready to laugh, learn, and feel a little lighter.

About Alfie Noakes

Alfie Noakes is a former film journalist who transitioned into the eclectic world of stand-up comedy, eventually carving a niche as a comedian, promoter, and renowned comedy coach. With over a decade of experience on the bustling London comedy circuit, Alfie’s shows have become a staple, drawing in crowds several nights a week and showcasing both budding and established comedic talent.

His profound observations on the neurodiversity within the comedy community have led him to champion a unique perspective on the connection between comedy and mental health. As the visionary behind the We Are Funny Project, Alfie has nurtured over 1,000 comedians through his transformative workshops, online courses, and personalized coaching sessions. Above all, Alfie’s mission revolves around emphasizing the power of laughter and its therapeutic potential, ensuring that every comedic voice, no matter how divergent, finds its place on the stage.

Learn more about Alfie and the We Are Funny Project by CLICKING HERE!