Ky’s 5 Ways of Positively Dealing With Rejection

Hey! It’s your boy Ky ✌🏾🔆 and I am here to talk to you about Dealing With Rejection. Nobody likes this feeling, but it’s something that we all have to deal with at some point.

Sometimes we go through situations where we experience refusals, losses, denials dismissals, and eliminations, among others, and it gives us this horrible feeling within our gut that we tend to carry around. Letting it fester inside of our brains.

The reason that we carry these feelings inside of our brains and our hearts, is because we have this incredible desire and yearning for certain things in our lives. And when we don’t get that, we feel rejection.

This is pure human nature, and it’s a mindset that came installed into our brains ever since we were children. Now we could go on and on about how the adults in our lives growing up played a factor into this. We could even talk about how people avoid certain individuals and certain circumstances because of negative experiences in the past… but those are different conversations for a different time.

I am here today with some good news, my friends. Rejection is actually a positive sign. Rejection means progress. Experiencing rejection will help you grow in ways that you may not have grown in any other situation or circumstance.

While I cannot sit here and tell you that rejection can (or should) be avoided, I can tell you that there is a healthy, positive way that you can deal with it. With that said, I’m Ky, here are Ky’s 5 Ways of Positively Dealing With Rejection.

#1 – Use Downtime To Energize Your Spirit

After we experience rejection, we tend to let it fester within us for a little bit, right? It’s during this time period that we begin to feel bad for ourselves or beat ourselves up. What’s important for you to note is that this is probably one of the most critical moments for you. While you are beating yourself up or feeling bad for yourself, this is often when we begin to doubt ourselves and we begin to lose hope.

Use this downtime to begin fighting those negative thoughts. Move away from negativity and occupy your time with something more uplifting and positive. Work out, go on a road trip, watch a stand-up comedy special, read your favorite book. It’s important that you use this time to energize your spirit.

#2 – Talk To Someone You Trust

Talking to someone you trust is important, especially if you’re starting to feel alone in this situation. (It’s easy to feel loneliness, especially in 2020 and 2021.) So find you someone who cares for you and is equipped with the positive energy that you seek, perhaps even providing you constructive criticism that you can use to improve in the future.

#3 – Rejection Means Progression

I alluded to this before, but it’s incredibly important here. There is nothing wrong with thinking of rejection as a form of failure. However, you’ll need to readjust what it means to fail. Failure is not a negative thing. It’s a learning tool that’s often overlooked.

As you navigate the road of life, you’re going to hit speed bumps every now and then. If you start to think of every speed bump as a failure and a step-back, then you’ll only find yourself driving toward negativity and not growth. Use these “failures” as a way  to challenge yourself to be even better than you were before.

#4 – Regulate Your Expectations

Those of you that know me know that I am one of the most optimistic people in the world. I live my life not just thinking that the glass is half-full, but that the glass is actually refillable. With that said, though I live a life full of positivity, I also manage my expectations in a healthy way.

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic or dreaming big, in fact, I believe it’s that kind of mindset that brings out the best in people. It is important, however, to make sure your expectations are realistic. Do not set the bar too high where things may be unattainable, resulting in inevitable disappointment, but also don’t set the bar too low where you find that you’re not even challenging yourself anymore.

#5 – Don’t Ever Take It Personally

This is the hardest of them all, one that I struggle with quite often. When you get that feeling of rejection or failure, you can’t take it personally. You can’t allow yourself to play this blame game where it results in you blaming yourself, causing your self-esteem to come crashing down and grinding to a halt.

Never forget, when someone or something rejects you, it’s because their objectives do not align with your objectives. This does not make you a bad person necessarily, it just means that you’re on a different path, and that’s okay.

In Conclusion…

Continue to focus on whatever you can do to grow. By learning and growing, you’ll  improve your chances of avoiding rejection, but you’ll also improve your ability to handle rejection when it comes knocking at your door. You’re a lot stronger than you realize. Never forget that.

God Bless & Good Vibes ✌🏾🔆