The Affordable School Supply Revolution with Clare Richards & Impacks | The Vibe With Ky Podcast

Join Ky as he sits down with the game-changing Clare Richards, the brains behind Impacks. Dive deep into a journey from a basement idea to a national mission, and discover how we can rethink back-to-school shopping. There’s more to pencils and notebooks—it’s about community, growth, and making a real impact. Get ready to be inspired and rethink school supplies!

About Clare Richards

Clare Richards, a visionary leader, and the CEO & Co-Founder of Impacks, is at the forefront of education transformation. Hailing from St. Cloud, Minnesota, Clare’s journey began with community volunteering, earning her accolades like the St. Cloud 5 Under 40 award. With a decade in marketing and advertising, her passion for education reform led to the birth of Impacks, a tech-powered venture simplifying back-to-school shopping and making it affordable for families across the nation. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Clare’s love for the ukulele and advocacy for accessible education make her a beacon of change in the education sphere.

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