Ky & Bloom Community Present: Navigating Sex & ADHD Digital Workshop on Nov. 1st

Sex & ADHD Digital Workshop with the Bloom Community

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 | 9:00pm EST

Ever wondered how ADHD affects intimate relationships? How do impulsivity and hyperfocus impact one’s sexual experiences and connections?

I’m thrilled to announce a collaborative digital workshop with the Bloom Community on Wednesday, November 1st at 9:00pm EST. Our topic? The intricate relationship between ADHD and intimacy.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Title: “Navigating Sex & ADHD: The Role of Impulsivity & Hyperfocus”.
  • Blend of Humor: Authentic anecdotes and personal insights to make the learning journey relatable.
  • Empowering Strategies: Actionable takeaways for fostering healthier and more fulfilling intimate connections.
  • Recording Access: The session will be recorded, but only ticket holders who purchase prior to the end of the workshop get access.

Tickets are priced at $30 per person. Secure your seat and gain insights into a dimension of ADHD rarely discussed. Dive deep, discover, and maybe even chuckle a bit with us. Get your tickets here.

A Bit About Bloom Community

Bloom isn’t just another social app. It’s a platform for vibrant communities eager to explore fresh ways of connecting authentically. With values rooted in consent, communication, and inclusion, they’ve created a space where everyone feels welcome, and every event is a step towards a more community-minded future.

Final Words

Whether you have ADHD or someone close to you does, the intertwining of ADHD with our intimate lives is crucial to understand. This workshop provides a safe, informative, and jovial space to explore and understand. Remember, it’s not just about the struggles; it’s also about celebrating the unique dynamics at play. Join us for a heartfelt, genuine conversation – and let’s learn together.

Empower your relationships. Understand the nuances. Be part of the change.

Kyrus Keenan Westcott and Bloom Community: Navigating Sex & ADHD: The Role of Impulsivity & Hyperfocus