Discovering ADHD at 35: A Journey of Emotions & Growth!

Was ADHD Only a Kid’s Thing? Not Really!

Surprise! I discovered my ADHD at the prime age of 35. Who knew? If you’ve recently found yourself in the ‘ADHD as an adult’ club, let me tell you, it’s a rollercoaster, but it’s one filled with loops of understanding and sprinkles of joy.

Why Does My Mind Feel Like a Browser with 100 Open Tabs?

That’s ADHD in a nutshell. You know, those moments when you’re looking for your glasses and they’re on your head? Or when you’re mid-sentence, and oops, what were you saying? Adults with ADHD face distractions, memory gaps, fidgeting spells, and, yes, impromptu karaoke sessions because, why not?

“You Mean I’m Not Just Lazy or Forgetful?”

When the doc revealed my ADHD diagnosis, it was like being handed a mixed bag of emotions. Surprise? Yep. Denial? Sure, had some of that. But among all this, there was relief. An explanation for years of feeling out of sync with the world. Now, every other week, my therapist and I unpack these emotions, one chat at a time.

Can a Diagnosis Spark Joy? Is Marie Kondo Involved?

With the diagnosis, came the ‘aha’ moments. It’s a bit like finding out there’s an unplugged cord after hours of troubleshooting your PC. But, is it all sunshine and rainbows? Not always. Anger, sadness, the dreaded “what ifs” often creep in, wondering how things might have been different. But here’s the twist – every cloud has a silver lining. And for us, it’s the chance to learn, adapt, and sprinkle some joy on the path of understanding.

“Isn’t ADHD a Character Flaw?” Uh, Hard No!

Shush those whispers of self-doubt! ADHD is not a personality failing. It’s a brain thing. And guess what? Your brain is fabulous! By diving into understanding ADHD, we start our journey to self-love, shedding the weight of misplaced guilt and shame. Vibe tribe, it’s time to embrace the awesome, quirky you!

So, How Do We Vibers Handle this Surprise Guest Called ADHD?

First things first, let’s get some reinforcements.

Medication: It’s like the secret sauce. But remember, just like finding the right coffee-to-cream ratio, getting your medication mix might need some trials.

Therapy: Chatting about ADHD, sipping some tea, and, yes, occasional crying (or was that just me?). A therapist familiar with ADHD can be a game-changer.

ADHD Coaching: Think of them as your personal cheerleaders, helping you juggle life’s curveballs with flair. Not all wear capes; some come with impressive resumes.

Support Groups: Meeting fellow ADHD champions is like finding your long-lost tribe. Together, we laugh, share, and understand. CHADD’s got our backs here!

Is it Worth Going on this ADHD Adventure?

In a heartbeat, yes! The journey since my ADHD diagnosis has been an evolving dance of emotions, understanding, and growth. As Vibers, let’s wear our ADHD badge with pride and continue our journey with belly laughs, understanding, and oodles of positivity. Remember, whether ADHD or not, we all deserve our daily sprinkle of joy!

Ending Note: Discovering ADHD in my 30s wasn’t in the life plan, but it’s now a part of my story. It’s shown me strength I didn’t know I had and introduced me to a community that gets it. To everyone on a similar path, remember, you’re not alone. The Vibe with Ky community is here, and together, we’ve got this! ❤️

Much love. Good vibes. — Ky


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