Unveiling Therapy – Part 1: A Candid Q&A with Therapist Chelsie M. Maccarone

When it comes to therapy, we often have questions that we’re afraid to ask. How does family therapy work? Can I self-diagnose? How will divorce affect my children? In this enlightening conversation, I sit down with licensed mental health counselor Chelsie M. Maccarone of Healthy Minds and More Counseling Services. In Part 3 of this ongoing interview series, Chelsie and I delve into these questions and so many more, demystifying the process of therapy and encouraging open conversations about mental health.

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Chelsea M. Maccarone became a licensed mental health counselor in 2016 and has worked with individuals who have had a variety of areas for improvement and growth. Including but not limited to depression, anxiety, marital/relationship concerns, parenting problems, low self-esteem, co-dependency and many more.

Chelsea has an eclectic therapy style where she utilizes interventions, techniques, and theory to best suit her clients in a way that speaks their language. She tends to gravitate towards person-centered and solution focused modalities. She believes in holistic wellness and health and has a warm approach to clients. She tends to view the therapeutic relationship as helping her clients guide and navigate their journey.

Chelsea is also the author of “Kick Anxiety to the Curb”, a series of mental health workbooks that are now available on Amazon.

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