Understanding Grief Therapy: A Deep Dive with Andrea Santiago | The Vibe With Ky Podcast

In this thought-provoking episode of The Vibe With Ky Podcast, join us as we delve into the complex world of grief therapy with Andrea Santiago, Clinical Director at Gemstone Wellness. We explore various aspects of the grieving process, its unique intersections with mental health challenges like ADHD, depression, and anxiety, and the cultural nuances that shape the experience of grieving for People of Color. Andrea’s insights shed light on the importance of embracing our emotions, seeking therapy, and finding healing in our unique grief journeys.

🌟 About Andrea Santiago: Andrea Santiago is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and the Clinical Director at Gemstone Wellness in Chicago. With a commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their purpose and facilitating growth in a non-judgmental environment, Andrea specializes in grief therapy, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and life transitions. Discover more about Andrea and Gemstone Wellness at Gemstone Wellness Website.

🙏 Thank You for Joining: A heartfelt thank you to Andrea Santiago and to you, our incredible audience. Your support and engagement fuel our mission to spread awareness and understanding about mental health. Until next time, keep vibing and remember, you’re never alone on this journey.